Post Sound

As SOUNDWORKS is equipped with state-of-the-art digital sound equipment and two studios with 4 booths and a control room for each, which makes it possible to work on multiple projects simultaneously, it provides results with better quality with the team of professional planners and QC personnel.

◆ Voice Recording

  • A network of more than 300 Korean voice overs and recording of voice overs in multiple languages
  • Contents for narration, advertisement and promotion, manuals, ARS, education and etc.

◆ Animation and Game Dubbing

◆ Education Contents Sound

  • Children’s story books, multilingual educational materials, online and Say pen’s contents

◆ Song & Musical

  • Traditional Korean children’s songs and those from other countries, and composing new children’s songs and musicals of different genres

◆ UI/UX Sound

  • Creating the sounds of products

Please inquire about our voice over samples via email or phone.


Tel: 82-2-518-6021

Construction of Database

SOUNDWORKS has been working to create and manage DB regarding various voice recognition and voice synthesis for the last 15 years, which led us to be able to work in every region of the world through our global network.

We also have built multiple DB for voice interaction with smart devices and AI devices today as AI is utilized in every field including home appliances and automobiles.

Voice recognition DB

  • Capable of creating DB to analyze the voice recognition performance and compare the results
  • Capable of creating very large DB with over 40 multilingual voices, over 1,000 voices for each language
  • Capable of creating DB in a real-world or simulated environment as well as in a noise- or non-noise environment
  • Capable of creating DB with on-site reflecting of various conditions such as gender, age or region

Text Corpus

  • Local collection: Creating DB in real world environment targeting local people in each country
  • Voice Interaction: Creating Two-way DB for voice interaction and system response, not just for the users
  • Local Research: Creating DB in the form of research to improve performances of various products
  • Text Corpus: Collected DB can be applied directly to the system through Corpus
  • Tagging Process: Simultaneous execution of Tagging on DB

Voice synthesis DB

  • Offer 4 isolation booths (Sound poof recording booths)
  • Capable of creating large TTS DB with multilingual voices including professional voice overs through a network of worldwide studios

Facial recognition and Biometric DB

  • Facial recognition DB is collected in various environments
  • Biometric DB including data on iris, skin and fingerprints is collected


We have maintained cooperative relations with professional translators from global translation companies to better express cultural differences. We also provide our clients with professional voice over’s voices for their projects through partnership with local agencies and studios

We’re participating in various multilingual projects with local agencies and studios from about 50 countries in the world.

Main Agency

  • Europe: Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Milano, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Moscow, Warsaw, Istanbul, Praha, Helsinki, Oslo, Bratislava
  • North America: L.A. Chicago, New York, Montreal, Vancouver, Detroit
  • Asia: Shanghai, Beijing, Tenjin, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Tokyo, Okayama, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka


  • Translating & localization: Create the most appropriate translation based on local languages and cultures
  • Voice Over Casting: Casting the most suitable voice overs for the characters through auditions (local and foreign professional voice artists)
  • Recording: Co-directing with local coordinators and directors
  • Editing: Editing by professional audio engineers
  • Quality check: Inspection of the results by linguistic professionals or native speakers for quality improvement

Test & Evaluation

SOUNDWORKS has been running a consulting program that improves the level of completeness based on the localization test and evaluation of our products and services as the final step of localization.

  • Research: We conduct a research to investigate customers’ reaction to our new products on site before the release. Through our cooperative relations with research companies in each country, we choose a sample group of 10,000 people for each product to conduct the research.
  • Verification (Evaluation): We perform the verification (evaluation) process on the users from each country before the release based on localization strategy. We aim to minimize the inconsistency and inaccuracy in expressions in the process of localization caused by linguistic, emotional and cultural differences through various steps in verification with native speakers.
  • TEST: We provide customized product testing to ensure the products are ready for market. A specialized tester will be chosen to test automobile, electronics, healthcare products or games in real-life environment.
  • Consulting: After we analyze the results through research, verification and final test on site, we proceed with consulting for the quality improvement of products. This is performed by us and local professionals for each field to provide you with reliable results.
  • TTS Tuning: We are working on multilingual TTS Tuning by hiring and educating professional TTS tuning operators and native validators.

Please inquire about our voice over samples via email or phone.


Tel: 82-2-518-6021

Game Dubbing

SOUNDWORKS has been participating in more than 400 dubbing projects in Korean language with domestically and internationally prominent game companies for the last 20 years.

We’ve always been striving for the better quality based on know-hows acquired from our experiences in many dubbing projects in the fields of Console, PC, mobile, VR games and so on.

Game Analysis

Discussion on the history of each game, intentions of planner, and direction of localizationAnalysis of game characters and consideration of voice overs for charactersIn case of big games, it may take more than 4 months and the schedule needs to be discussed

Casting of Voice Overs

Possess many know-hows as a professional casting director who’s been casting the voice overs for over 400 pieces of workAble to cast voices in consideration of the game in general, not being limited to specific characterSampling of voice of each artist through library and auditioning

Script review and editing

Edit and unification of terminologies and speaking tones through script previewTime restriction in the scripts and original filesPre lip sync in case of video dubbing

Recording Process

Voice acting coaching by professional directorReflection of characteristics and cultures of each countryCustomized instruments and environments setting for improvement of recording

Post Production

In case of Localization, Voice Effecting that is closest to the original file is requiredVarious Voice Effecting could be implemented with over 3,000 plug-ins of more than 15 series

QAs with Professionals

Audio QAs – Audio / Technical QAs related to Audio of audio files after post production stepDATA QA - When recording project that require more than 10,000 voices of voice overs, we need systematic data management and should conduct a systematic and sequential QA, including the verification of the match between audio files and the script and errors in file names, in order to minimize the errors

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